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A meticulously crafted hair care solution that intensifies hold, predominantly in the vertex area during its secondary application. Beyond its thickening effect on weak strands, it presents a prompt intervention against shedding.

Why You'll Love It
Designed with utmost precision, this spray offers a specialized solution for reinforcing the hold in the vertex area, especially during its second application. Beyond mere strengthening, it actively combats shedding, assists in the recuperation of skin affected by eczema and acne, and enriches both the hair and scalp with its blend of botanical extracts. The formulation aims to foster the growth of resilient and robust hair strands.
How To Use
On your wet scalp, directly apply six sprays of our Hair Empowerment Spray after a shower. Massage evenly using your fingertips. There's no need to rinse! Repeat this 2-3 times every week.


Biotin: As an essential component of your hair's natural structure, Biotin helps fortify each strand from root to tip. This powerful vitamin aids in creating a robust hair fiber, supporting overall hair health. Keratin: The Strengthener: Keratin, a protein found naturally in your hair, works as a protective shield against external damage. It helps to rebuild hair structure, resulting in smoother, shinier, and stronger hair. Caffeine: More than just your morning pick-me-up, Caffeine in hair care stimulates the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. It helps to wake up your hair follicles, ensuring optimal performance for hair growth and longevity. Royal Jelly: Not just for bees, Royal Jelly is a nutrient-dense powerhouse that enriches your hair with essential proteins, vitamins, and lipids. It aids in revitalizing the scalp and promotes lustrous, thriving hair. Procapil: Procapil is known to help strengthen hair roots and prevent hair fall. It works to enhance the integrity of your hair follicles, ensuring your strands stay strong and resilient. GF (Growth Factor): This powerhouse ingredient in our Hair Empowerment Spray helps to stimulate hair growth at the cellular level, invigorating your strands and scalp with new life.


  1. Derek T. (verified owner)

    I’ve observed less shedding and an overall improvement in my hair’s texture. It does require consistent use to see these results.

  2. Ryan M. (verified owner)

    Facing frequent hair shedding has always been a concern for me. This spray not only thickens my weak strands but has also shown a prompt reduction in hair loss.

  3. Daniel F. (verified owner)

    After trying numerous products, this spray has truly stood out. I’ve always struggled with weak strands and shedding, but the hair strengthening spray has made a remarkable difference, especially around my vertex area. By the second application, I could genuinely feel the intensification of the hold.

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Store the product at room temperature, away from sunlight, and out of the reach of children. Do avoid eye contact – if it happens, rinse the eyes well with lukewarm water. If the irritation persists, please reach out to a medical expert. Please note, this product is designed for external use only.